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Meet Duane and Will

In 1988 a group of friends came together to raise social and political awareness in the Black Gay scene in Los Angeles.  It was a time when we were losing many friends, brothers and love ones to the epidemic of HIV & AIDS. The epidemic was especially high in the black community. We were without any help from the county, the state or any federal levels. No funds were reaching us at all. Nothing to even help with soup kitchens, meals on wheels or to access any health facilities because we had none. We had nothing set up in the black Gay community. The ideal was to be a network for those who needed information or guidance toward some type of life normalcy while infected with the virus. It didn't matter if they were in the city or from another city. One of the members (Duane Bremond) held a position as a legislative aid & had access to many funders. He took the lead, and established our first official Black Gay Pride. We had about 9 of our friends who opened up their address book & invited about 50 people to the beach on a 4th of July weekend. It didn’t matter if they were in town or out of town. The first year we supplied water and fruit for our guest. That day we managed to host over 400 men At The Beach.